How do you connect to a WPA2-enterprise network on the Droid?

Big Ry

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Feb 4, 2010
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Blacksburg, VA
My school has 2 networks VT-WLAN (manual login) and VT-Wireless (auto-login). I can easily get onto VT-WLAN on my droid, but I want it to auto-connect. The VT-Wireless is a WPA2-enterprise secured network that requires you to download and install a .P12 CA certificate. I've done so on my laptop no problem. In the droid wireless setting, there is no option for this. I've managed to find an app that seems to allow this type of secure connection; however, it won't let you proceed with the setup without entering a username and password. There is no username and password for this network. Theres a password for Windows certificate installation wizard, but i tried that with no luck. Also, my username/password for VT-WLAN do not work either. VT has a page on their network site describing how to install the certificate on an iPhone (gay!). It says to click on the certificate (after transfering it to the phone's HD obviously) and run installation. Well I tried that in Astro and Root explorer, but it doesn't recognize the file as an executable. I'm not too IT savy, so perhaps someone could explain what exactly I'm doing wrong...that is, assuming this is even possible.
Try the Cisco vpn and ask the IT guys about the settings

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