How do I watch Video Files in Droid


Nov 7, 2009
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I uploaded a couple of movies to my droid but cannot find how I would play them using the phone. I'm sure they probably have to be in a certain format or something like that but there seems to be no support for video files.

Anyone know how to do this?
Through the gallery? My video files aren't showing up on there.

@wuyanks Thanks will definitely check it out
They should show up in the Gallery under All Videos if it's in the right format. The ones successful for me so far are .mp4 extension and were converted using an iPhone profile for specs. There's freebie converters like:
QuickMediaConverter -
I'm still learning the ideal settings as well, but the iPhone settings using h.264 should work (might have to tweak the width/height to fit best).
This is the most frustrating thing about this phone so far... all that processing power and it can't play common video formats like AVI and DIVX. My Palm Treo 700 could play full resolution AVI files with TCPMP player. I'm hoping a developer comes up with something similar.

Actually, that's what's so exciting. Who knows what will come out in the next few weeks.
The thing is that I don't thing that a DIVX deconder can be done as a java based app. It has to be done at a lower hardware level with the processor and that would need to be built into the OS by Google and/or Motorola.
Crap. Do you think there might be any kind of OS hack that might allow that?
it's no biggie to convert the files... just put a few in a queue overnight and voila :)
so what format is best to convert the files to? It's sad that it doesn't come with a divx decoder.... :(
It really is a bummer not having native Divx/Xvid support.
I recommended QuickMediaConverter before testing it myself and after my first attempt, I got a black screen in the video player. It was only one test of format settings, but I apologize in advance if it doesn't do the job. I have, however, successfully converted several shows/movies to mp4 (h264 codec) that play well on the Droid using Wondershare MP4 Video Converter, but didn't mention it since it's not free ($30).
$30 for an app to play video files!? that's ridiculous hoping that a fix is going to come out soon.
what folder does the video have to be in? Got my droid mounted but only thing I see is
weird, I don't know which did it. Video's were not coming up. Rebooted droid and also mounted the sd card with an adapter (not using droid) and added a second video. Now they show up. it also took awhile to process them