How do I transfer TXT history to new phone?


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Jan 4, 2010
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Mesa, Az
I am getting a replacement Droid because I have dust under the screen. I want to be able to keep my txt message history and transfer it to the new phone. I use Handcent SMS and I cant find anywhere where it allows to backup the history. How do I do it? Is there a way to just copy all of my txt history to the mem card? The local Verizon store said they used to be able to do it but they no longer have the equipment to do it.
mybackup will allow you to backup and restore texts.

there is a free version in the market but i think you have to get the paid version to restore them though. Not 100% sure as i have never used it personally.
SMS Backup, MyBackup Pro, or Titanium Backup will do this for you for free.
Can any of you tell me if with this software if my phone has to be operational... meaning if I am able to hook it up to my PC thru a USB is there a way to get all my text messages? My phone works but the screen is dead. I just want to try to get the texts off it. I know where to find the pictures but not sure about anything else. Please help!