How do I make outgoing calls with Google Voice?


Jan 11, 2010
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I have a GVoice account. I got an invite and set it up online before I got my Droid phone. Once I got the phone, I installed the app. I've never used it.

I'd like to start. I know I can forward my voicemail to Google to get the transcribing ability but haven't done that yet.

I want the option to make a call easily with GVoice... but it's not giving me the option. In settings, I understand there should be a "Use Google Voice for All Calls" or something to that effect, but all I get are "Ask for International", "International Calls Only" and "Do Not Use for Calls."

I tried calling Google Voice on my phone, entering the pin and then dialing a number, but the person who received my call got my original Droid's number... weird.

I asked them to call me, and they get some message saying I'm not available.

I'd like to use my GVoice number but I really have no idea about what goes into using it, either on my phone or on my computer.