How do I input this Formula into Tasker?


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Dec 22, 2011
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I found this great formula online for when I'm at the movies, but I am so confused with the wording that i'm not sure what box to input each text that he has listed to make it work..Also, do I start by clicking State and selecting variable to enter? Please if you can break it down and tell me where each goes, I'd really appreciate it!

Sets up a desktop icon that, with a press turns Movie Mode on or off. While in Movie Mode, the phone switches to vibrate and will automatically reject any incoming calls and reply to the caller with a text message saying (in my case): "[Automated Message] I'm in a movie and can't pick up right now. I'll call you back as soon as I'm out. Thanks."

If RenderFX still worked with Tasker, I'd also have it turn on the Red render, in case you need to check your phone for whatever reason and don't want to light up your whole row.​
How to set it up
This one has two key elements: the first is the task that sets Movie Mode, and the other is the profile that rejects incoming calls and replies with a text message. First, the Movie Mode task. This uses the MOVTOG variable to set the state of Movie Mode (on or off) and sets silent mode accordingly.

1 If %MOVTOG = 0
2 Popup "Movie Mode ON" (optional: time 1, font size 12)
3 Silent Mode "Vibrate"
4 Variable Set %MOVTOG to 1
5 Goto Action 10
6 End If
7 Variable Set %MOVTOG to 0
8 Popup "Movie Mode OFF" (optional: time 1, font size 12)
9 Silent Mode "Off"
10 Stop

Then, the profile to reject incoming calls. Create a new Event-based profile with the event as "Phone -> Phone Ringing" (priority normal, number blank)

1 If %MOVTOG = 1
2 End Call
3 Send SMS (number %CNUM, message whatever you want it to be)
4 End If