HotPot and Latitude Improved in New Google Maps Update 5.2


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Google has just released a new update, version 5.2, for Google Maps. This update concentrates on improving Latitude and HotPot. With the improvement to HotPot, you can now tweet your reviews using an integrated rating widget. They will be show up in searches,, and Place pages.

The Google Latitude change includes the ability to "ping" your friends. This 'ping' feature appears in the notification bar, and now, you can just ping your friends to meetup, instead of texting, emailing, or calling them.

Here's a breakdown of most of it:
  1. Post your reviews of places to Twitter
  2. Check in at places with Google Latitude to earn status and share with friends
  3. Ping Latitude friends to ask them to check in. Friends will get a check-in request notification from you.
  4. Search for a place to check in from Latitude if it's not in the suggested list of places.

Source: AndroidCentral and Google Mobile Blog