Horrible battery performance


Jan 28, 2010
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Toledo, OH
I had just recently switched back to stock for no other reason other than I don't have insurance on my device, and was in fear that I'd f*** something up major and not have a phone at a horrible time (vacation, etc). This was semi-prompted by me having to do a battery pull while on a fairly local (but still very far away) day vacation to a local island in the great lakes...

Something I noticed at that time was that my phones internal storage was getting *very* congested w/ only approx 20mb of space or less... I ended up having to delete almost every app. It didn't strike me as being odd w/ 20mb of space, bc I couldn't think of how much I had prior to this, but obv. it was a LOT more... After putting stock back I have 175mb with everything installed back on.

I was getting used to not having any battery hardly at all at the end of the day with NO use and most of the time my phone being in Airplane mode (at least while at work). I switched to stock and voila battery issues fixed! Weird :\

I was running the Stable 2.1 BB 800mHz ROM, and nothing running that's not running now...

Back to Stock 2.1 w/out root :\ Oh well. At least if I end up having problems with my phone I'll be able to replace it easily and quickly.

Anybody else having issues w/ battery or memory issues?