Hope to be Droided soon


Jan 15, 2010
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Lake Park, GA
Hey all.

Hopefully, I will be a convert from the BlackBerry in a couple weeks. A lovely rep from Verizon reset my eligibility date to yesterday, so I can go ahead and upgrade.

Looking to take advantage of the BOGO and give my wife the Eris.

Anyway, I can't wait. I played with a Droid a little bit yesterday, and LOVE it. Looking forward to learning everything I can here.

Great jlamb. As you may or may not know there are a TON of BB converts here, including myself : )

You'll love the device. There is a lot to learn so check out the FAQ section to get yourself rolling.

As always if you have any questions do ask. The members here are excellent and VERY quick to get you answers or steer you in the right direction.

Welcome aboard and let us know when you finally get your hands on the Moto.

Welcome to the Forums! My significant other goes on and on about her BB, I almost get sick of it haha. I came from an iPhone AND AT&T's evilness and couldn't be happier :D
Amused non-sequitur: One never hears a droid saying "I hope to be humaned soon." But I suppose it makes sense that the reverse is true. Certainly, if I were a meatbag, I would wish for a better, more droidlike existence.