honestly im not liking this phone much


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Nov 1, 2009
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I had the Storm for 11 months... so basically I had a Storm 2 for 11 months :)
I don't miss BB at all. And I'm noticing more and more each day how far behind RIM is because my girlfriend still has her BB and it's junk in comparison to the Droid :icon_ devil:

Don't mean to go off topic here but I had the Storm for 11 months and BB Storm 2 for about 3 weeks. 2 of them. Better then the Storm but no Droid.
I know Storm 2 was 'better' by Storm standard... but as I'm sure you noticed, it's basically the same phone as Storm 1.... where as Droid..... well that's a different animal all together :icon_ devil:


Nov 3, 2009
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so this is my first smart phone, and first verizon phone. and for being a "smart phone" its seems rather dumb. for all the comercials about the iphone cant do this cant do that..etc..droid you cant send mass text messages. you cant send a message more than 160 character? seriously? you can't or atleast i havent figured out how to compose a message and then select some1 from contacts. cant view messages while on thee phone? DOESNT come with a manual.

Let's focus on the other factor of this equation shall we? You CAN search the internet. You CAN find the manual. etc.

Sometimes a "smartphone" is only as smart as its user. I'm really not trying to be down on you but rather encourage you to stick with it and learn it more in depth by searching here and other sources. You'd be surprised by how quickly you can find answers by searching with a question like, "can <whatever> do this or that?"

Believe me, I do it all the time, so I'm not a holier than thou type. Heck I do it in bed and something pops in my head I grab the Droid and do it.

Im sig lining this.

On topic.....what cereal said. Handcent SMS FTW.