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Nov 8, 2010
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Sometimes when I leave an app (either with the back or home button), and the home screen shows, but the icons take forever to load and I can't switch to any of the other screens.

This has been happening since the last OS update. I've disabled all the apps that I have downloaded that might be running in the background sucking up the processing memory, but loading the home screen is the only thing that seems to lag at all.

What might be causing this? Is there a fix?
there is no perminant fix as of now. there are some things you can do to help this but they require Root.

do a search for redraw fix, and there will be a couple different options. i have done all 3 and still get it every once in a while.

basically the native task killer in android kills off applications as memory is running low, and one of the first ones to be killed off is the launcher. thus the redraws when you hit the home button...because it is not in memory any more.

one of the fixes "locks" the launcher into memory. it is a simple command line in a terminal emulator but like i said it needs root access.

this bug is the only thing i dont like about 2.2. i am seriously considering going to a 2.1 ROM just to fix this issue.
I also have the same problem and its very annoying!! I hope we get some type of update!! (I get this all the time!!)

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so i just read through 3 different threads on this topic. every way to help with this involves rooting the device. i highly suggest it. i actually learned 4 different ways and the phone seems really good so far. but like i said, Root is required.

if you havn't, try launcher pro, and make sure the "keep in memory" box is checked. this should help a little, but it wont fix it for sure. your launcher is getting killed by the OS. Google should have seen this was going to happen on the OG droid and should have the launcher be top priority to keep in memory. makes the OS seem absolutely horrible.
Completely agree with previous poster, I have the same problem. Its so annoying and embarrasing. Someone forward this to the google dev team.

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Same exact problem here! Gets pretty frustrating!

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I was having horrible home screen redraw lag with my droid 1 until I moved all my apps to my SD card.

I suggest you try that, it really made my phone amazingly fast again. Search the market for an app called app to sd (App to SD (Free, No ADs) - Android app on AppBrain) to make it easy.

I also suggest LauncherPro if you're using the default homescreens, it's very fast.
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Do any of you have a task killer app installed??? If so remove it. They are not needed with the Android OS and only cause more problems and conflicts within the phone than they are worth. If you are still having slow reloads of your home screen it sounds like you have an app that is not playing nice with your phone. I would look closely at your apps. Think if you have downloaded any new ones right before this issue appeared, if so remove them and see if the issue is resolved. Also, do you reboot your phone on any frequent basis. By reboot I mean power it completely off then bring it back on or while it is acting really funny, pull the battery and then reboot. Some of this may help/fix your issues.