HOLY COW! I actually feel sorry for iphone users


Feb 25, 2010
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Toledo Ohio
I'm up late (i don't know why i have to be to work in the morn) an found this video an i can't believe how big the deductible for an iphone 4 is if you have insurance....jeez.

[video=youtube;dIImENp4u2I]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIImENp4u2I&NR=1]YouTube - Get Insurance for your iPhone 4[/video]
".... it's pretty cool. They have a FREE app..." I'm thinking maybe that free app isn't so free after all.
did he say they have a app for you to file a claim? LOL really.? on a BROKEN or lost phone?
The insurance costs per month and the deductible use to be much lower including phones that aren't iPhones. However, too many people caught on to this as an early upgrade to the new shiny while they were still on contract. Asurion charges so much for the iPhone because their owners are more likely to have an "accident" in the summer when the new one comes out.

Here's a good example of how one upgrades an Apple product:

If you want insurance for actual accidents and don't want to pay out the nose so that Fanboy can get an early upgrade, there are other insurance providers willing to insure the phone including SquareTrade and State Farm.