Hi Tech Stuff…..I'm having an issue of keeping up


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Nov 30, 2009
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N.E. Ohio
I would wager a guess that most people my age are not as tech savvy as I am. There are quite a few who are smarter then I am too but I think the majority of people probably aren't.

Now I don't know if it's because I'll be 60 in November or not but I'm finding it hard to keep up. I just read that if I don't have a reader that I'm way behind the times. Now I know how to get a reader, that's easy to see but I don't know what I'm suppose to do when I get it installed. I also want to know why I need it.

The other day I was absolutely forced to make a Facebook page. I wanted to talk to someone and the only way I could do it was through Facebook. Now Facebook is something I do know and understand. I hate it. There are people I never wanted to see again who try to get hold of me. People I was friends with kept asking me to play this game or use this app. All these apps invaded my privacy.

Phones. You buy the latest Verizon phone and 1 month later everyone is talking (talking = complaining) about their new phone. The Razzaar (I don't know how to spell it) is suppose to have the longest battery life of all smart phones, but as I look around I see tons of people complaining about it.

I got my iPad 2 on my birthday last year about the same time I got my iPad. Now here's the "iPad without a name" and that's got the best resolution that there is on the planet. Resolution so good my wife gets up and stands in front of the TV so I can't see it when a commercial goes on. Don't know if it matters because my HDTV is 720p. Which is better then 1080i but not as good as 1080p. I don't see the difference.

All the apps that were so cool when I first got my original Droid aren't even mentioned anymore. Screebl, Chrome 2 Phone. My password protector told me it would be a good idea to get drop box. I did it because it told me so but I didn't know why I needed it. Thank you Password protector now I got that one.

There's got to be a billion apps for Android now right? In the "Play Store" I tried to help a member find an app to let him have colored LED lights. It showed me 2, one which didn't do what I want and said there was a thousand more.

I turned around and the Droid 4 is out. Wait a second didn't the Droid 3 come out about the same time as the Bionic?

But thank God there is Google to enlighten me so I only look like a complete idiot 45% of the time. Members ask me questions frequently because I have a lot of posts (that doesn't make me smart) and I answer there questions by using Google. Hey, it's true. The only thing that I have on them is I know how to put key words in for a better search.

Maybe that reader will hep me figure that out. Also there are 50 must have apps for my iPad and I need to click on a link to see what they are and why I "must" have them.

I'll try to do that right after if pet this cat and clean up the puke one of the other cats just mad while I was typing this.

Why doesn't someone come up with something hi tech for that?


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Jul 13, 2010
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One doesn't "need" a majority of the stuff that everybody else seems to think they need. Yes, I have a Facebook page but I haven't signed in to it in over a year. It's full of nonsense...I had people from high school requesting to be friends when I never even associated with them in high school.

I don't have a tablet. Would like to eventually get one just because ( I am a bit of a gadget person), but I won't buy in to Apple's "You must have this new iCrap!" I'll never buy anything Apple anyway but that's another story.

You just gotta assess what you actually need in life and maintain your own identity. Unless you're a complete gadget freak, you probably don't need half the stuff that's out there. Just stick to your guns and forget what everyone else says you "must" have.

I like to think that I'm a salespersons/marketers worst target. If I don't think I need it, I'm not gonna buy it.

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