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Nov 7, 2009
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Okay very first time on any forum, so here goes.

Had to very reluctantly give up my iPhone ( was the only one of fam or friends on AT&T) to make a switch to Verizon. For six months tried to decide which Blackberry to get, not being happy with any of them (just not close enough to what is was used to from iPhone) then while on phone with Verizon customer service (for son's phone) got into a conversation with the rep and he told me about this "droid". This was on Nov. 5.....Nov. 6 the droid was released in my area and by 8pm I owned one!

So it's been two days and I love it. I am not very tech saavy at all and I am sure there are many features that I will never use and even more that I will never know about. So far So great!:)
WELCOME!!! I got mine on the 6th at 8am as well!!! If you ask me the Droid is AWSOME!!! I'm actually from Toledo, OH so not too far from you..... Congrats on the purchase and don't be afraid to ask any questions!!!
Welcome aboard! Lots of great people here who are always willing to lend a hand and answer questions. This has become my new "home away from home" :)