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Dec 26, 2009
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Sending my D1 back as soon as the replacement gets here, screen went blank last night and will not work even though D1 is on. Anyway Verizon has sent me out a Refurb via Warranty. I am rooted and running Sapphire Rom. Would like to go back to stock before sending it back but how the heck do I do this with no screen to see???? Any help would be appreciated. I so have a 50,000 volt taser if that will wipe it out.
Google "SBF to Root and UnRoot Droid Forums" and follow the link, unrooting can be done with a computer and a USB connection, no screen is required
That would be great and I will try it but I am having trouble getting it to the USB Connect without being able to see what I am doing.....
You need to put the phone in bootloader mode (power on while holding up on the d pad) for rsd to recognize it
Once I get it in RSD just push the Stock SBF and that should Clean it right???
After RSD Lite and the MotoDrivers are installed on your computer Power off the device and boot up while holding down the power button and up on the d-pad , this is like safe mode, then plug in the USB to your computer and RSD Lite should pick up your device and you can flash the stock screen needed