Help With Music Formats and Tags


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Feb 19, 2010
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One of the first things I did when I got the Droid was take all my music from my PC and slap it onto the phone. Once it was done I took a look and noticed that quite a few of my songs didn't have album art or were organized incorrectly; even though I had tagged each one.

So I started looking around and I noticed that some of my music is mp3 and has an ID3v2 tag and some of my music is wma and has a WMA tag. And I saw that the music that had ID3v2 was being read properly while anything with WMA was being mashed into an "unknown album" category.

I found that I can convert my wma files to an mp3 and then I can save an ID3v2 tag on top of that. But, there are two problems with this. I lose the album art and I can only do one at a time with the free software I've found.

Is it possible to just flat out convert a wma tag to an IP3v2 tag so I don't have to do the intermediary step of converting it to an mp3? Or, alternatively, is there a way to just keep the album art intact? And is there any way to do it in a batch? I have around 400 songs that need to and it's going to take forever to fix everything up. I would appreciate any advice on this because I am completely clueless.