Help with Google Voice-Verizon Voicemail


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Sep 4, 2010
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First post---GREAT Forum! Very helpful in getting my D2s set up.

My problem/question:
My wife and I both have Goggle Voice numbers (both accounts have our Verizon Droid2 phones linked to our respective GV accounts). We want to use the GV telephone number but have any voicemails go into our existing Verizon voicemail box. My account works that way with no problem (GV calls are forwarded to cell # and Verizon voicemail picks up if I don't answer). On my wife's phone, GV calls are forwared to her cell but if she doesn't answer the callers are connected to the GV voicemail (and generic greeting) instead of going into her Verizon voicemail.

I've compared my setup to hers but can't figure out the difference.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
You'd have to decrease the ring length (call 611 - it's not something you can adjust AFAIK) to get Verizon's voicemail system to pick up the call before it's handed back over to GV's voicemail system.

I'm not sure why your ring length is different than hers though.
Thanks, I'll give VZ a call to change the interval.