Help w/ Root and Rom Manager


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Jul 1, 2010
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Hey, I needed some help after rooting my Droid X. I don't know to much about hacking and such other than what I have been reading over the past week. I have done several searches on here and in google but nothing seems to get me where I want to go. I am noob so more detailed explanations would be great so I understand better and don't brick my phone.

Currently I have my phone rooted using Z4 app.

Running Android 2.2 and System Version "Version.2.3.15.MB810.Verizion.en.US

I have ROM Manager + Premium, Astro, Droid X Bootstrap, and Root Explorer.

Here are my issues...

1. (Biggest Issue) I unrooted my phone cleared data and cache so I could install Software 2.3.340. After downloading and hit install the phone reboots and during install a Triangle comes up and after booting up the phone says Update Failed.

2. I went to do a manual update of 2.3.340 Using ClockworkMod Recover, every time I try to install I get an error message. I have the file named and Mount and Unmount Partitions read: unmount /system unmount /data which from my understanding is correct (maybe I am wrong).

When I "choose zip from sdcard" I will get the following errors:

First Error

assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") == "cdma failed: getprop(ro"build.product") == "cdma_shadow"
E: Error in /sdcard/
(Status 7)
Installtion Aborted

Second Error (Signature Check: Enabled)

E:failed to verify whole-file signature
E:signature verification failed
Installation Aborted

3. I wanted to download/install cyanogenmod on my Droid X. I have Purchased Rom Manager Premium as well. I have Advanced Mode Check and when I go to download or find a CM ROM it doesn't even appear. Under Download ROM at the bottom there is 1 Premium called forkup and when I click on it nothing appears. How do I get more ROMS such as cyanogenmod?

Maybe these problems I am having are really stupid but I have to learn somewhere and I am not getting anywhere just searching. Everytime I try what I searched it doesn't work so I figured I would make a thread pertaining specifically to my issues. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,