Help! TRIED Rooting droid 1 Frg83g

Bang Pow Boom

Mar 14, 2011
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OK, I am a newbie at this rooting. I was able to root my Droid 1 frg83D successfully and have been having a good time with it.

So, I talked my wife into letting me root her beloved droid 1 running frg83G. So I tried the same way I did mine (flashing sprecovery using rsdlite 4.6) and I was able to go into sprecovery (ONLY) right after flashing and it wouldn't let me install the, or do anything but reboot.

Her phone reboots and runs great stock droid 1 like normal. I just can't reboot into recovery (I get the triangle with the phone) so I can't do a factory reset. Any advice? Should I keep trying with sprecovery?

Note: I can only go into recovery (sprecovery) right after flashing with rsdlite 4.6.

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