Help partitioning or running two systems


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May 4, 2010
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Hey, i was wondering if anyone knew how to partition the droid so that we could run two different systems or if any one knows how to do something like this. see i know that we can run a different launcher on are phone but i was wondering if we can run one thing like lets say dxtop to make it easy and then run your rom in the background (now that i know can be done) but can you set two different passwords and one password open dxtop and the other open your normal rom in the background, or i there a way to run two different roms at the same time just set partitions to the amount of memory they each get because if you could do that and even switch between the rom you are running would be awesome i know it might seem a little hard but i was just thinking how much better it might be but then again if there was a bug on one of them then it might screw with the other rom or something. if anyone gets what im trying to get at or knows any way of doing something like this please help
Are you referring to like say having ubuntu and windows on your machine at the same time. If so, while it might seem cool, it would take some serious coding to do it. And i dont think your stock sd card could support that, or the internal memory. But then again I could be wrong.
yeah thats is exactly what i was trying to say. it would take a lot of coding but i didn't know if it was done and i dont think the phones have the power but it was just a thought i wasn't sure if anyone knew of anything like that, that would allow me to have a normal looking phone then run something and have my rom in the background it would be a plus if they allowed double password us to unlock.
thanks for the reply