Help!. I want gingerbread original rom but i don't know how!


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Aug 24, 2011
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Hello everyone,

I have a motorola droid 2 global phone with Froyo version 2.2. I would like to install gingerbread, but an original version not a version "cooked."

I am new to this and I have some questions:

'I read that before installing a rom I should make a backup but I do not know how. If I perform this backup I can go back if I regret the gingerbread rom, or rom to install fails?. If you can give me a guide I'll be grateful.
'I need a special rom to my phone or it can be anyone?. If you can give me a link thank you.
-If I install the original gingerbread rom will have all the features or lose some?
-If the installation of the rom fails, I can restore my phone as it was before or I lose it?

In summary, I would like to help me install on my phone original gingerbread.

Thank you and excuse my ignorance on the subject and my bad English.