Help Configure VPN


Dec 10, 2009
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Phx Metro, AZ
I've been trying to configure a VPN connection - mainly so I can access work mail. I have no problem using VPN on computer to access but can't figure out how to do it with the original droid. Can somebody walk me step by step how to set this up? A co-worker of mine was able to VPN with iphone and he gave me his setup but they're not quick the same as our VPN. He gave me the following rundown (use IPSec) as to how he setup his VPN.

Description: I have this info
Server: I have this info
Account: my user name
Password: _______
Use Certificate: OFF
Group Name: I have this info
Secret: I have this info
Proxy: OFF

Our VPN doesn't have the proxy line or group name, instead it asked for server name, preshared key, enable/disable secret, set secret, and DNS search domains. I don't know what to put under DNS search domains.

Anyone help please?