Nov 21, 2009
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Ohio USA
I am not a Droid :motdroidhoriz: owner, but I hope to soon be. I am a disappointed Storm1 owner, but am waiting for after the first of the year (a VZW rep told me the price MAY come down). Plus, seeing if any more phones will be released. I am active as magnious on Crackberry & Android Central.
better late than never!!! lol welcome mags i can't believe you posted this in november. when are you getting your droid! 122 posts late but hay! :D
Hello magdroid. I had a Storm 1 as my first smartphone. While the Storm was frustrating, I greatly enjoyed the rush to update the OS software to the newest hacked together versions that bbcrackman and others would test and share. I assure you that the Droid will satisfy your craving to customize the device and perform a wide variety of functions with it. The new feature I am hooked on is assigning apps to be launched with the hard keyboard by holding the search key and hitting a letter. It is great because I don't have to wait for any onscreen menus; I just hit a key and switch programs easily.

The hard keyboard is great for placing the cursor. Droid doesn't have any magnification effect when you move the cursor by touch. You just tap until you get it right. The keyboard affords the fine and direct control that is much needed. Want to select text? Just hold shift and use the d-pad.