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Feb 5, 2010
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Charlotte NC.
Hello, fellow droid addicts lol, I just recently made the switch from Sprint to Verizon and got the awesome DROID! this is the coolest phone out there in my opinion! I havent found much if anything it is not capable of doing, I have only had it about 1.5 weeks but I cant get enough of it:icon_ banana:, anyways just thought I would say hey and look foward to learning alot more about this phone from all you guys and girls on here:)

Welcome to the machine, F150-rider! You'll find this to be a great place to learn about your new toy! Everyone is great about offering suggestions and help. Just read, read, and then read some more. If you search and can't find your answer, be sure to post a thread and ask. Have fun!

Thanks for the Welcome Annedroid! I have already learned so much on here it is scary :), this looks like a great forum glad to be a part of it!
Welcome aboard............ You'll learn alot on here as we all help eachother........ :icon_ banana: