Hello My Fellow Droid


Nov 13, 2009
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Hi I've been a lurker here for about a week and contemplated on switching from my T-mobile (8900 curve) to Verizon and its newest Flagship. Well, my decision has been made and I will have my Droid Delivered on Tuesday!!!

I love T-mobile's CS, but they are lacking on Technology. The biggest thing tho is I Work in a huge enclosed Aircraft Hangar and recently I've been getting NO signal which is bad. After seeing that dude coming up from the sewer and getting signal, and Droid commercials...........well I had to try for myself.

Question is tho if it turns out I don't get good coverage @ work will I be able to use the buyers remorse to return the phone as well as Cancle the contract?

Thanks Guys I look forword to my new Toy!