Hello all new droid owner and need advice


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Jun 16, 2010
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Hello, I have a brand new Droid incredible and like most I am still trying to learn the phone. I just switched from an iphone 3GS and thought that I would never like the Incredible as much as the iphone, but I actually like the Incredible more. Great phone and so much more freedom than the iphone. As far as a phone the iphone is horrible, it does everything great but make phone calls and that is what it is meant for, pretty sad. So back to Verizon, I should have never left. As soon as I bought the iphone the droid came on to the market, go figure.

I do need a little help if anyone has any info, I am having a problem with the external speaker. When I make a phone call I can no longer use the speaker phone? It was working and now it is not. I cannot find a setting to turn it back on? I also would like to know how to clear and erase the custom settings on the scene page. I have like 10 custom setting s saved and cannot figure how to erase them. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks dancedroid