Helixlauncher Again


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Mar 30, 2010
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Issue started by pop up on turn on of device indicating an error of Helixlauncher and asking for a forced close. Touching "force close" just returned to the error message. That loop could not be broken and prevented any other command. I went to Droid Forums and got some advice that didn't work for me. In the end I went to Verizon and they managed to put the phone back in its original state (all applications and sd card wiped), or so we thought. When I first rebooted I got a choice of using Helixlauncher or not to control. I chose not. There is no evidence anywhere that Helixlauncher still exists - except if I go to the applications market and ther it says it is Installed - but the uninstall is greyed out and will not work. I thought it was a great app and might even try it again IF SOMEONE CAN HELP ME GET RID OF WHAT IS OBVIOUSLY A CORRUPTED APP AT THIS POINT. And, this is not H2