heeeeeeeeelp- music issue.....(long explanation and questions)


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Mar 5, 2010
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first of all, i've been cruising the forums on this site for a couple of weeks leading up to purchase and then for the week i've had the droid-which i generally love...
secondly--fyi- not very tech savvy but love the stuff
third- related to above- long explanation as i don't really understand this stuff that well and am experimenting...

so....based on some recommendations used songbird to transfer my music from itunes...
mount...etc...seemed fine...
1. pc asked me for driver and to insert a disc- i was able to avoid but not sure why it did that- anyone know?
2. it seemed to copy then said- copied with errors- anyone have a clue?
3. it didn't copy all the tunes and didn't do it in playlists?????- any clues?
4. when i checked the music on my droid- NOTHING THERE! so...went to the astro file thing....it seemed to copy the songs that did go in an order not related to my playlists into a file called .iMusicData--- not sure why, but this doesn't do a thing for playback...as i couldn't do it...
i did use astro to move some tunes into another file that was listed as music....and those come up...

so (i know lots of questions)
1. how do i move music in mass to the music folder and arrange them in playlists (can't figure out how to create) or
2. how do i erase t he .imusicdata folder completely and redo so that i can get tunes to the music folder and with playlists
3. lastly- is there a better transfer system and in the same vein organizational system on the droid for my music???

thanks and again sorry for the long winded explanation...