Hebrew Now Available w/o Root? Cellcom (Israel) Begins Selling Milestone in Hebrew


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Apr 17, 2010
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Well, Cellcom (Israel) just started selling the Milestone with the OS fully in Hebrew.
Link to Cellcom Milestone page (Hebrew, sorry).

Is there now, therefore, some way for us Droid users to get native Hebrew support?

Right now, we can install (with root access) Hebrew fonts which work almost fine inside apps, but often appear backwards (in calendar view or message lists).

Anyone know what Cellcom did? Did they just customize or is Android now coming with Hebrew support?
Without Rooting?

Android 2.1 uses Hebrew Fonts.

Hello, I would definetly want to know how come Droid uses Hebrew fonts, I am in the Americas Region and so far, it only dislpays squares instead of letters.

All help is very welcomed,

Thank you in advance