Headset Issue


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Nov 30, 2009
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N.E. Ohio
So I'm in my car talking to my wife on my Droid via my Blue Ant Q1 talking about the fist fight I almost got into at Pet Smart (and that's a heck of a story) when all of a sudden she cuts off my earpiece and I can hear her through the Droids phone. Not the speaker phone, just the regular phone.

So I pick the phone up and finish telling her about why I chose not to punch this guys lights out and I'm thinking battery in the headset is dead. Nope, as soon as I punch the end call button I hear "Call terminated" in my ear from the headset.

Anybody else have something like this happen? I'm running Froyo, no custom Rom. I'm beginning to think maybe I got this head set cheap because, well, it's a ripped off copy.