headphones with mic and remote control for droid?


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Sep 19, 2010
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My friend has an iPhone4 with the earbuds that have a mic and remote control. I know they don't work with the Droid, but does anyone know any kind of ear phones like the ones mentioned above that will work with Droid?
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it is a function of the phone/camera, not the earbuds

Those don't control the camera and are extremely expensive.

iOS has the support built into the iPhone, Android phones are just starting to add it with KitKat.
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Back in April I purchased my first pair of bluetooth stereo headset by Plantronic for $66 on Amazon. They were okay, but I really wasn't as happy with them as the $66 kept trying to tell me I was. Truth being I didn't want to admit that I had wasted my money. I finally caved and my daughter and I each got a pair of LG Tone+ Stereo Bluetooth Headsets (model: HBS-730) back in early August. I no longer have a Droid but my daughter does. I got the white to match my phone for about $57, my daughter likewise got the black for a couple bucks less and they are the best buds we've ever owned. They're even 10x better than my wired buds by Monster "Beat's by Dre". For the price the LG really are quite amazing. Great battery life. They're comfortable to wear. For example, I'll be listening to tunes and something will catch my eye on TV. I know it¹s a bit weird, but I do watch TV while listening to music and I'm often playing a video game while at it. I think it's an ADD thing, but haven't been formally diagnosed, lol. Anyway, I hit pause and not pull the buds, thinking I'm going to go right back to tunes only to find myself an hour later with them still in my ears because I forgot they were there. With my Monster's (I have 2 different model buds) I was constantly readjusting the fit, changing out the cushion, trying to get that quality of sound and comfort that simply alluded me. With the LG never an issue and sound quality is satisfying to say the least. They connect easily to our phones and to our Kindles. When talking on the phone I'm guaranteed clarity, haven't had an issue yet. Controls are very easy to use. I haven't had an issue with any music app I choose to use. It seems that the headset remembers the last player and picks up where I left off every time. Price is currently between $40-$45 on Amazon. I highly recommend these. No, I don't get a commission from any sales, I just talk a lot. But, do swear by these. :)

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