Headphone Jack/Bluetooth Solution?


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Mar 30, 2010
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Sup DF--

Was wondering if you guys could offer some input on a little bind I'm in at the moment. I have a MotoDroid-- My 3rd actually-- the first two had bad headphone jacks-- now you would think at that point I am doing something wrong to cause an issue with the headphone jack, but let me assure you, I have the phone in a holster, I never wrap the headphones around the phone and I always unplug when I am not using the music player. I use your average skullcandy ear buds. SC is a reputable brand and their products are top quality so I feel that my headphones are not the issue. So finally I get fed up, go to best buy for the 4th time, and they tell me they can't keep replacing the phones because their black tie service has changed-- they have to send it to the manufacturer. So I tell em to go for it-- I waited 1 MONTH to get my phone back-- the repair notes said "We fixed it." Well lo and behold, about 3 weeks later (present day) I slightly bump the 3.5mm headphone plug and the sound cuts out and the phone thinks I've unplugged my headphones. I really don't feel like going through best buy again-- I could always run over my phone and then instead of sending it to Motorola, they would just give me a new one, but I'm afraid its gonna happen again. Plus restoring apps, data, rooting, is getting a little redundant. Anyone have any suggestions? I mentioned bluetooth in the title because I was looking for a 3.5mm bluetooth receiver-- it would be a receiver that would plug into your headphones and then wirelessly bridge them to the phone without involving the 3.5mm headphone jack. My only fear is that BT connections sometimes skip out and that would be just as annoying.

Thanks in advance!