Having problems connecting/staying connected to University WiFi. 802.1x


Nov 12, 2009
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ITCom: Setting Up MWireless on Unsupported Operating Systems

I've configured it that way. My Droid autoscans the network, I fill in the configuration. The only options I have are setting to TTLS and PAP verification, then my user/pass. I have registered my mac address with the university. I have set the WiFi to never go to sleep mode. I do not have any WiFi apps.

I can connect to the WiFi /sometimes/ but it is nowhere near decently reliable. It will drop unexpectedly quite often. Making it reconnect is very much a hassle. Sometimes all I have to do is turn the wifi on and off. Sometimes I have to powercycle. Sometimes none of that works. If I walk to class from my dorm room, I don't expect it to keep connected the whole time, but once I get to class, and I'm not moving, I expect it to rescan, refind, and reconnect automatically.

The signal strength is strong. My laptops have no problem hooking up to it and going anywhere on campus and staying on.

Any other info required, lemme know.

Also, if anyone knows how to stream live sports to the phone, that would be amazing. (NHL fan here :D)


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Mar 30, 2012
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802.1X Bugs

There are a lot of open:

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