Have multimedia dock?


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Nov 12, 2009
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Quick question, leaving the droid on for a kind of long time makes it rather hot.

i just ordered my dock today (to use as my new alarm clock) and as its gonna have the screen on ALL night wont it over heat severely? Can that cause any damage to the phone?
I have used mine every night since I got my phone. I LOVE it, it works exactly as intended, and the phone is only slightly warm when I take it out of the stand. Barely noticeable. I ditched my own alarm clock and use this exclusively.
I have only noticed it getting at all warm when it is very active for a prolonged period (like the first day I had it when it spent a couple of hours swapping files back and fourth with my desktop.
I haven't noticed any heating issues when using the dock (it probably helps that the phone is held semi-upright with most of both sides exposed.)
There is actually a dimming button that looks like a lightbulb on the screen to turn the screen down. I think after awhile it may blank out but I'm not sure yet.
You can also download the "bedside" app from the market. It allows custom dimming levels and looks more like the Storm when in the dock.