Has anyone tried SoundTrail Audio Recorder


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Nov 11, 2009
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I'm a journalist, and I often need to record phone calls. Searches of the Android Market have turned up a bunch of recorder apps, but they all get mediocre reviews, at best.

Within the last 10 hours, a new app has appeared, called SoundTrail Audio Recorder. Screenshot of SoundTrail Audio Recorder

It costs $.99, and it's unclear from the brief description whether it can record calls, whether there are any limitations (many of the other apps allow only 10 minutes of recording), what format the audio files are in, and whether it's any good.

Any willing guinea pigs out there?

Yes I'd like to know what apps actually allow you to record the conversation. Beyond legal implications...its always a good thing to have. (ya know.. just incase)
In the US, the legal implications vary by state. In some states you're permitted to record a phone call if only one of the parties is aware of it. This leaves wiretapping illegal, but you don't have to tell the person you're talking to that he/she is being recorded. In other states (such as California, where I live), all parties to the conversation must be aware that they're being recorded. I take care of this by saying at the beginning of an interview, "Dr. Smith, I'm going to be recording this conversation. Is that OK?" As long as that question and the reply are on the recording, you're in the clear legally.

I think they have a trial version of that app as well, check for it.

Also I think it just records from the phone MIC only.