Haptic Feedback On Dial Pad


Nov 17, 2009
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Peoria, AZ
Just wondering if anyone else is having this happen. I have haptic feedback turned off and it does not do it on the quick keys, however, when I dial on the dial pad...it still does it. Is this correct, or is there another place I need to turn off the haptic feedback?

Thanks in advance!
Yup. Mine does it as well. I have haptic shut off but when I use the virtual keypad for dialing I get a feedback. Drives me nuts but I can see the purpose.
Roger that, guess we will see if it is a bug or operating as it should when the new updates come out.

try enabling it everywhere, verifying that it works as intended when on, then disabling it again... sometimes settings get messed up by weird android bugs and/or third party apps in weird ways that you have cycle the whole switch operation...
yeah, i dislike haptic feedback, and im always bummed that you have to have it for the dialpad :(
I thought I remembered seeing a seperate setting for this in the phone settings. Maybe I'm wrong, but my guess is that it's two seperate settings?
It happens other places too even when it's shut off, like the unlock screen. It makes you think that there are a couple of die-hard haptic feedback guys at Google who just think "surely they still want it here, even if they shut it off, right?"
I have my haptic feedback off in my settings, but I still get feedback when I press the soft keys on the bottom of the phone. Can you guys help me out? It is bugging me!