Handcent SMS and the regular SMS


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Jan 12, 2010
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I just got my Droid on yesterday and after reading so many good reviews on the handcent sms app I quickly downloaded it. But now I have two icons that my text messages go to..the one that comes with the phone and the Handcent one..so my sms alert tone rings twice whe I only have one text..do I need to delete the one that came with the phone?:motdroidhoriz:
naw....just go in to your regular SMS and deactivate the auto retrieve and notifications for the regular sms.
That will stop alerting your regular one.
but...unfortunately unless you uninstall it..it will still show up on your task manager.
I believe this is the correct way of doing it, cause i read that somewhere on these forums.
i mean thas what i have my settings on and then just get rid of the widget so you dont have 2 message widgets.
Anyone, please correct me if i am wrong.