Had a scare today


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Nov 15, 2009
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My Droid would not connect to the network, take a charge and seemed hung up. I remembered I was looking at cell cases at wally world and one I was looking at had a strong magnet that pulled itself towards my little mini computer with some force. I quickly separated them. They didn't touch but we too close for comfort.I checked and couldn't see any obvious effect from the close encounter. Then later it was as I described above. I was already to drive to Best Buy and get a replacement when I remembered that I had wanted to see what airplane mode looked like and had caused the current state of my phone and sat it down to forget about it. I feel so foolish but I am glad I didn't make the trip to be reminded of this by some Kid at Best Buy.
Ok now back to searching for cool apps and figuring out other cool things this baby can do.