Group text/sms

I would love the same feature. I would think this would be standard but it doesnt look like it. I asked the same question. There is an application that you can use to group contacts. I forgot the name. Or what you can do is add a contact and in this contact add phone numbers seperated by semi columns ;
this will then allow you to send as a group. Note that verizon only allows you to send sms to 10 people at a time.
Any recomendations on creating groups for texting?
There is an app you can download for $0.99 called "Group Contact Creator". It was easy to download and appears easy to use. I have tried it, selected 10 of my contacts, created the group and all looks good. However, I tried to send a text and it only sends to one of the ten contacts. I need to play with it more. Maybe
i'm dong something incorrectly. If you have any luck please reply. Another thing i am thinking of trying is to add a new contact manually and in the cell phone window enter ten cell numbers separated by a semicolin. That may work.
I think Handcent allows group texting but I haven't played around with that feature yet.