Grooveshark Hanging on Droid X


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Jul 16, 2010
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Anyone else having this problem? doesnt matter which song/playlist I play, it never seems to load the player and causes a Force Close. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling restarting phone and everything, without any luck. Any tips or information would be greatly appreciated
Grooveshark Issues

I just signed up for VIP service and found out that not all is well. Since then I've sent a message to the service looking for resolution. Here's what I've seen:

1. Force Close on a fairly regular basis.
2. Screen appears to lock up and requires to kill the task. On Kill, it starts.
3. Songs are reported to be in a "Unknown media format". No really since I listened to the song on my Droid, then added it to favorites.
4. Rebooting the Droid seems to clear the issue for awhile.

At $3 a month the price is great, however, I expect to see these issue addressed, or it is time to move on to another service.

If you are encountering the same, or similar issues I'd suggest going to the web site under Feedback (Select your login name in the upper right corner, then select Feedback.). I'd like to see the product fixed, so enough users need to specifically state what the problems are.