Great Verizon Customer Service experience.


Apr 8, 2010
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Novi, MI
Hi all,

I just felt I had to share this...I have always been very happy with the customer service I get from the Kiosk Verizon store at my nearby mall. I typically run into the same guy there and he is always extremely helpful and friendly.

Today, I went in with my friend...she was thinking about getting the Moto Droid or the Droid X (More on the X in a minute!). After looking at both, she decided to get the Moto Droid. The salesperson, not the one I usually work with, was great. He asked if I referred her...which I did, and told us we need to go online under my account and there is a "Referral Link"...we each get a $25 gift card. I had no idea Verizon offered referrals, and was happy that he mentioned it!

While he was playing with her old phone, trying to get the broken keys to navigate to the correct spot to change from media USB to Data USB so he could transfer her contacts, we talked about my Droid, and he had one as we talked about Froyo and rooting and apps etc. I had casually mentioned that my car charger was broken and I needed a new one. I jojed that he should throw in a couple for us! He kinda gave me a well, let me see what I can do. What he ended up doing was taking $50 off the price of the phone, and gave us 2 car chargers and a case for her phone for $7.00. He could have easily just charged us full price for everything, as she had started that she was getting a case and a car charger already...but he took the time to work his Verizon magic and get us 2 car chargers and a case...I was pretty damn impressed.

I know a lot of you will say for the price of the plans and the phones they should be throwing stuff in...but how often do you see them actually do it, and without being pestered to do it. And it isn't only that, it was his overall professionalism...taking the time to make sure she knew what she wanted, explaining a lot of the features and how the billing cycles work and even said he'd follow up in a few weeks to see how everything was going for her. I said, I was very impressed.

Thanks for the great experience.

Ok...the Droid X. It's FRICKING HUGE! omg...I felt like I was holding an Android Tablet! I was considering switching to the X...but after holding that thing, I am completely happy with sticking with my Moto Droid!
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