Nov 9, 2009
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In the Droid video they show that you can have street view automatically come up when you reach a turn or your destination. I cannot find this anywhere in the map or navigation area. Does anyone know where this is??
I don't know how to get it to do it automatically, but when you are in maps if you click on the blue bubble above you, one of the options will be street view.
Thanks at least that helps a little. Maybe I was seeing things when I saw it go automatically. That should definitely be a feature they upgrade too(it would make the Navigation perfect).
I do believe that is an option, I have heard that it does go automatically into street view when you get close enough to your destination, but seeing as I have yet to fully use it, I cannot attest to this.
Oh.. Cool, well hopefully someone can chime in and help us out.
I've played with navigator for the past few days. Street view has only come up automatically as I've approached a destination (assuming there is a street view available for my destination). A double-tap on the screen has brought up street view as I go. You can then tap arrows at top of screen to prgres to you next turn, etc.
Did you have to enable something for this? or did it do it on its own? I had it running yesterday and it never popped up street view, even at locations I knew it had street view.
Have either of you had issues with the phone finding sattelites? I am on my second droid and have had each phone work with gps once and then can't get a sattelite signal
GPS and related apps have worked fine for 4 days on my Droid. Today it has not located me once.