GPS Behavior


Dec 10, 2009
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So, I have noticed some weird behavior from my GPS recently and was wondering if anyone else had seen something similar.

Occasionally, my GPS will not get any satellites and will use the cell towers for location. Usually if I reboot my Droid it corrects the problem and it picks the satellites up within seconds. I also notice occasionally if I try to use say GPS Status it won't even try looking for satellites (i see the GPS icon pop up briefly and then go away). Today when it did that I turned the GPS off with the Power control widget and then it corrected itself. I am thinking this could be because something else was trying to use the GPS and when I turned it off and back on it corrected itself.

Has anyone else seen anything similar?
This has been discussed several times. Do a search for "AGPS" and you will find the answers you seek.
Many thanks and sorry for rehashing. I was having an issue finding any info.