Got Froyo (OTA)? How's it going?


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Feb 15, 2010
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Just wondering how those who have received Froyo via OTA update are fending. For me it's going quite well.

I received the OTA update yesterday at about 11:00am EDT. It took lees than 5 minutes from notice to reboot with the new OS. I immediately checked all my favorite apps and applied the updates that many of them needed. They all ran fine and I had no data loss.

I noticed one odd glitch. When using the home screen that is one to the left (user's left) of the main home screen, I could not drag app shortcuts to the 3rd row. They would just disappear instantly. So I did what any experienced user of technology would do - I rebooted. Everything worked fine after that, except for one app whose icon will not appear, even though its title shows up and it launches just fine. I'm assuming that app (Moon Phase) needs an update from its developer.

The next thing I did was turn on my Jawbone Bluetooth headset and long-press the Noise Assassin button. To my joy I heard a voice through the Jawbone asking me to speak a command. I said, "Call [my wife] on mobile." Two seconds later the voice asked for confirmation. I said, "Yes." Two seconds after that the phone dialed my wife's number and I got to tell her that my Droid now has full voice dial support from Bluetooth without touching the phone. Big Happy!

That's all the playing I've had time to do so far, so I can't speak to installing apps to the card or anything. But I can say, so far, so good!

OK, next?