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Nov 10, 2009
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Has anyone used the app "Google Wave" by O'Reilly Media? I'm looking for a good GW app.
I believe that's actually a book on how to use Wave, not an app.
Hmmm. Interesting. Any rumors on Google coming out with an official GW app? The other two don't sound very good.
it's something they want to remain exclusively as a web app, so no.
The woman who wrote the book on Google Wave said in a podcast recently that she's sad to see the death knells for Wave. She believes it to be dead.
Google Wave was/is a great application, sadly it was poorly put out and with little advertisment. The growth potential for it was nearly exponential but it was and still is a far less "end user friendly" application which was facing down with the overly simplistic likes of Twitter and the Pop Cultue Icon of MySpace. Google coul still save GW but it would takee millions in advertising and a good deal of reworking it so as to make it far more appealing to a large mass of market end users.

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I think Wave is awesome. But it never felt integrated, it was too standalone.
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Wait a minute. Am I missing something here? ...because at (the highly publicized and discussed) Google I/O (only 2 weeks ago) there was discussion about Google Wave and how it was officially released to EVERYONE with a Google account, not just via invites!

In fact, while I was watching the Google I/O May 19th keynote live online when they discussed Wave, I jumped into another browser and noticed that I could use my Google log in to open a Wave account.

So why would Wave be going away if they were promoting it at Google I/O?

Here were the May 19th Google I/O agenda topics related specifically to Wave:

Google Wave API
Design Principles +
Anatomy of a Great

Waving Across the Web

Open Source Google
Wave: Building Your
Own Wave Provider

Fireside Chat with the
Google Wave Team

In my humble opinion, I don't think Wave is dying as people are assuming, simply based on what we all heard straight from Google's Wave developer team at Google I/O versus some woman on a podcast.
I think Google Wave is phenomenal as a business tool. I'm currently using it with my company to collaborate on new construction plats with one of our builder clients. I think using it as a business application will take off more so than using it as a social networking application. was and still is a far less "end user friendly" application...
Huh? I think it's almost too easy to use. It could certainly use a few more changeable settings. However, I believe that's in the works. :icon_ banana:
is there a way to put java/c/etc code in a wave? I tried it before and when copying from the wave it put an extra line between each line. It was very annoying and that was the last time I tried to use wave for a project.