Google Voice to replace verizon SMS

Dec 15, 2009
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So I am setting up Google voice and was hoping of dropping the SMS part of my verizon bill by switching to google voice. I know you can't access from handcent but you can reply to the 406 number handcent sees. If you do reply does that send a text message through verizon to google or is the phone smart enough to just do it through google?
Good question. I do know you cannot receive MMS. So, for now I am keeping my SMS/MMS plan.
It will count as a text message with Verizon. If you track your text messages at you will see it there. That's why you should not have gmail send your replies. Change your settings, you will still be notified by gmail but it may not be as fast.
Google voice also does not push, so you only get texts every 5 minutes. With that said, you should be using the google voice app, and that way texts are received and sent via data not text plan. Also, make sure you are not forwarding those messages via your verizon number or you will pay for the text messages.
Correct. use the Google Voice App ONLY for text messages (or forward them to gmail if you like) but turn off them forwarding to your verizon number, as you are paying for them then. the five minute delay (or worse) is indeed hard to live with sometimes, but no text plan fees is amazing AND: Google Voice is already working on push for SMS, it's been confirmed by a google employee on the GV forums (zeke) yipee!
Lotta people reporting that they are getting the sms through google voice faster then 5 mins. Think its pretty random right now, but its never too long.
Thanks for the info, always good to know. But, as a full time full google voice user ( no one even knows my verizon number) and dealing with it day in and day out, I think it's a little misleading to new GV users to say this as it's definitely not the majority. I have received 3 minute SMS replies before, and a few over two days. But 95% of mine, and everyone I know is around 5 mins. I think it's safe to assume you will have at least that much delay.