Google Voice shortcut not showing up in contacts

Jul 25, 2010
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Well I just got back from a Cruise with several serve issues with my :motdroidhoriz: which seem to have gone away. Some of those issues is a extremely High RAM usage causing lots of slowing down of the phone, disabling Airplane mode caused the phone to restart suddenly happened many times, phone not even turning on, Rapid changes in signal, heavy freezing and all my apps shortcuts widgets gone. I received a update from the marketplace today for Google Voice I updated it and as soon as I finished I got several messages in the Messaging App from a long number starting with 9. In the Message it started off with my friends name and the message I also got a message in the GV app. I went into the Messenger app and turned off all the settings that allowed messages to come in and that has stopped.

Problem: No shortcut to GV when selecting a persons picture to send a SMS via Google Voice

Also do any of my previous issues alarm for a Verizon exchange if possible since it is clear my phone is having Technical issues?