Google Voice problem


Feb 25, 2010
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Okay i have the worst of luck with my droid. I just got my new replacement phone in and now I can't get google voice to function correctly.

When I installed the APP, it ask me to setup the voicemail. It tells me to dial a number, i do, it beeps and then hangs up. Then it says click next and basically just keeps saying "Call Settings" "Reading Settings..." and never moved from here.

Now when someone calls me, it will ring, but when it goes to voicemail it says "You have reached a non working number". I don't GET IT!.

So i went into my call settings, voicemail and changed it back to my carrier. That didd not fix it, and it stills says invalid number on voicemail. Then i tried going back to google voice and it did the samething.

I had to call verizon earlier and they had to delete some forwarding thing off my account just to get my voicemail to work again. Then I figured maybe ill try it one more time and now its doing the same thing.

THIS IS SO STUPID. Anyone have any ideas?


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Mar 7, 2010
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Whenever you install Google voice, it gets stuck in this reading settings loop for some reason.

However, I've always seen that after I exit out of the menu Google Voice is working. The reason your voicemail didn't reset is because when you set up Google Voice you called a special number that forwarded your voicemail to google voice. Verizon must've have reset it.

Google Voice works flawlessly for me though.