Google Voice not syncing?


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Jun 28, 2010
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I've been running LithiumMod for nearly a week now, and I'm loving the battery life and theme (one of the red themes) so far (Thanks for all your hard work!), but for some reason this seems to be the only ROM (I've tried the new sapphire, cyanogen, BB, kangerade, etc.) in which Google Voice will refuse to sync automatically.

I can hit the refresh button a couple times and it will eventually sync manually. This is really a crippling bug for me, as I use google voice exclusively for SMS texting (no message fees, it automatically "backs up" to my google account, I can switch devices and continue conversations, etc., etc....) and voicemail.

I have attempted an uninstall/reinstall of both the ROM (full wipe) and the Google Voice app itself, and neither action has solved the issue.

I am not using any sort of automatic task-killer (nor do I manually kill any task, unless I get a force close dialog), and I can see the Google Voice process in taskpanel, so I don't think it's being killed off.

I have tried logging in with a non-related google account and had the exact same issue.

I'm sure I'm missing some stupid, easy fix, but any help would be greatly appreciated!