Google voice app not syncing


Nov 15, 2009
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I did a search, a loooong one, no answers to my question. I just got my gv number and started using it for texting. However when i go into the gv app in my contacts it just shows the little android and not their facebook photo like in regular messanger. Strange thing is it does show one persons photo but not the other peoples yet i see all of them fine in the regular messenger app. I did a reboot of the phone but no help. How do i get contacts photos to show up in google voice app?? Thanks :)
I have photos for my contacts in the GV app but I don't sync to FB so I'm not sure my situation is relevant.
hey I need some help here so bumping this thread. Have posted here and in another forum and googled it lol. See OP for question. Someone told me it cant be done but like I said one of my contacts has his facebook photo show up in GV app and he has no google accounts/programs whatsoever so its not like its puling his gmail info cause he has none.