Google to Appoint Dennis Woodside as Motorola Mobility CEO replacing Jha

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Oct 29, 2009
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i wouldn't go so far as to say it's not an option. but, at the same time, you make a pretty valid point. making an unlock tool available would probably make more sense.

i'm not sure which one of us should be more worried [ see bolded quote]. :D

i see your point. but, there HAS to be some way to accommodate both interests. i'd hate to think that the solution is limiting the Nexus line to being the only open device. i tend to think that this would lead to the Nexus line being produced with more second-tier hardware specs, since it would be such a niche product. maybe i'm thinking too narrowly, but....

Oh there are plenty of ways but will Motorola do it or care enough to do it is the question. Their response to it all this go around was making the Development RAZR. That didn't fly over to well with many (can't say I blame them) I'm curious how or if they will address this whole bootloader thing